Paige's Opinion on Sci-Fi

I love movies!  I donít care if they are old or new, chick flicks, comedy, action, drama, musicals, or Sci-Fi. I love them all.  Everyone has a story they would like to tell (some of them even original).  Since L.B. & Annabella have old and new horror covered, I am adding my two cents in on science fiction, some of which can be classified as horror, and some I just enjoyed. If you donít think it should be here too bad, my page hahahaha ------Miss Paige
 Star Treks - TV & Movies

Alright, this is the point that I confess to being a bit of a Star Trek geek.  I loved the original, The Next Generation, DS9, Voyager, and the movies.  I am personally partial to The Next Generation full of fine men like Riker, Picard, and everyoneís favorite smart ass Q. 
Its continuing mission:
To explore strange new worlds...
To seek out new life and new civilizations...
To boldly go where no one has gone before!"
This statement alone leaves the story line open to go in any direction the creative geniuses behind the shows desire.  Always interesting theories and stories, funny and dramatic, and acting abilities ranging from the good to the bad to the ugly.  I wonít be tempted into the argument of Star Trek vs. Star Wars, as I did enjoy them both and everyone is entitled to their opinions, however I will admit that I prefer the Star Treks.  Let the arguing begin!  Some of the Star Trek series are of course better than others, but overall I give the franchise four HAís

Stars Wars

The first movie released the year I was born.  Correction,  the fourth movie, no wait..whatever.  I admit to thoroughly enjoying all six of these movies.  The effects were always top notch depending on the era,  the costumes inventive and well done, and the story line creative and well written.  My heart will always belong to the first three movies, this is Star Wars as us oldÄĚ people remember it.  A classic story of good vs. evil, self discovery and growth, with a little something for everyone from romance, to humor, to things blowing up.  There is no going wrong with a movie that has Harrison Ford.  Yeah yeah, there she goes again mentioning the good looking men, deal with it cause it is a fact of life.  If you have lived under a rock and havenít taken the time to see these movies, then head to the video store and spend the weekend curled up on the couch.  Enjoy your viewing experience, and May The Force Be With You  I would be strung up by my thumbs if I didnít give this series four HAís.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy  2005

I am a Douglas Adams fan from way back.  I own the entire book series, in hard-back of course, and was thrilled to hear they were releasing a new version of the movie.  The movie did a good job bringing the nonsensical world of Douglas Adams to life.  Only he could make the destruction of the earth, and the story of itís only survivors so much fun.  Full of sometimes bizarre and seemingly derailed trains of thought, this movie was wonderful for those of us who have always loved the books.  It may come across as a bit absurd to those who watched the movies without being fans of the books though, so rent this one cautiously if you fall into this category, and above all Donít Panic! I gladly give this movie 4 HAs.

War of the Worlds 1953  & 2005

A film adaptation of the radio story told by H. G. Wells, where aliens are invading earth and exterminating us like an infestation of insects.  I think everyone is aware of the basic story line here.  By todayís standards the original is admittedly hokey , but whenever watching classic movies like these, you must take the era into account, hey it won an Oscar for special effects in 1954.¬  The 2005 remake by Steven Spielberg was packed with impressive effects, and was fairly fast moving.  I have never been a big fan of Tom Cruise, but in this movie he did a pretty good job of portraying a concerned parent just trying to keep his family alive.  Yet another remake in the world of few original ideas, this was a good movie, and worth the time to watch.  I sincerely doubt a warning that this is not a news broadcast, and isnít really happening is necessary in this day and age, so go forth and watch, I give these movies a combined three & a half HAís.

Independence Day 1996

This is probably one of my favorite movies. Once again we are faced with aliens invading the earth to exterminate us and take our planets resources.  OK so that plot has been used before, but the bringing together of the separate families and lives of the President of the US (Bill Pullman), Captain Hiller (Will Smith) of the Marine Corp., and an MIT alumni (Jeff Goldblum) while saving all of mankind from the invading force, was a great touch.  Here are three more fine looking men, and a little romance for the ladies, plus plenty of things going BOOM for the men.  This movie is full of Oscar winning visual effects, humor to ease the tension created masterfully by the actors.  This movie also has my favorite monologue of all time, which was the moving speech given by the President to those about to save the world, it actually sent chills down my arms.  I loved smart ass Will Smithís tirade when approaching the spaceship, and while dragging the alien through the desert, and the sexy strut of Jeff Goldblum at the end of the movie. This movie is best seen unedited, though it is on TV all the time chopped all to hell.  A great film for everyone, if for some reason you havenít seen the full version, then go this weekend and get it.  I love this movie and happily give it four HAs.

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