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Assignment #1  "Living" Dead  Zombie 101

Find and describe three zombies that have living human traits (other than the fact they are  moving around). 
 Only look in "Romero" Dead Collection.
This will be 70% of your semester grade.

 Extra Credit: Name at least two more from each of his remakes.
 This will count as the other 30% of your semester grade.

Assignment #2 "Vampires, Werewolves, and Mad Scientists Oh My!" 101

Name one vampire you think has made an impact on horror movies today. Explain why.

Name one werewolf
you think has made an impact on horror movies today.  Explain why.

 Name three mad scientists that you think have made an impact on horror movies today.
 Explain why.

 Extra Credit:  Give the number of times Dr Frankenstein / 1931 says "It's alive", and state
 the quote after that.

 Assignment #3  Classic Horror Appreciation 101

 Write a brief summary on the filmography of Bela Lugosi.

Write a brief summary on the filmography of Boris Karloff.


Assignment #4  Modern Horror Appreciation 101

Compare and Contrast:

Compare the movie House on Haunted Hill / Vincent Price 1950 with the remake in
 Please describe both the similarities and differences in the two films.


Assignment # 5 based on "1408"

Write a brief paragraph about John Cusak's character past.
 Describe the previous victims of the room and how they died

 Bonus:  Watch and write a brief synopsis of all alternate endings.  Add your personal preference of
 one or more.


 Assignment # 6  based on Stephen King's "IT"

 Analyze one main character from the movie, comparing childhood to adulthood, issues they overcome, etc.

 Write a brief paragraph on how the clown haunts each character personally.



 Assignment # 7

Name 5 early pioneers of Horror / Rock (No bands that started after the 70's)

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