Let me introduce the Staff....

Lo Budjet "LB" Thrillkill : Head Master & Principal.

Date of birth October 31st, 1974.

Hometown Witches  Hollow, NC.

Former jobs: Theater attendant, Video clerk, Hearse driver, & Film historian .

Favorite quotes:  "Be kind rewind."  & " Keep your prints off the disk."


Punka Billie Paige : Personal Assistant, Vice Principal, Modern Horror

 Appreciation 101, & Music Department.

Date of birth: Friday May 13th, 1977

Hometown: Banshi Sqwal, FL

Past jobs: Phone sex operator, Disk Jockey, Video clerk, Secretary

Favorite quotes: "FINE!" , "Couldn't hurt", "That's Miss Paige to you."

Annabela Donna : Modern Horror Appreciation 101, Music Department

Date of Birth: December 8th, 1980

Hometown: Sleepy Hollow, New York

Past Jobs: Sex phone operator, Video clerk, Theater concession clerk, and Clerk

in a music store

Favorite quotes: "Bite Me!",  & " Deal with it"


Grim "The Ghost Gamer" Reaper : Video Game Arts, Music Department, 

Population Control

Date of Birth: ??????

Hometown: Earth

Past Jobs: Population control

Favorite quotes: "Been there killed that", & "Better than the Black Plague."

Athletic Director: Always Looking??




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