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Students, we are always thrilled to see your work,

 please submit your original Horror Academy, Horror Movie, Punk, Gothic, or  Halloween

themed poetry and short stories, that you would like to see added to our pages.

If you haven't done it already,

just click the contact page to enroll as a student for free,

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The Horror Academy Cheer!!!

Welcome to the Academy,
We like to say it loud,
We are the home of the Maniacs,
Of our past we're proud.

So join us all you horror fans,
We are the black and the red,
In the sleepy town of Witches Hollow,
Home of the living and the dead.

---written by Headmaster L.B. Thrillkill &  Miss Paige


Where can the horror fan go now days,
To clear their heads of their remake filled haze?
Where can you hear about the old and the new,
With completely opinionated personal reviews?

Study the classics, chat with new friends,
Admire new effects, talk about how they end.
Film your own movie for everyone to view,
Or write up a poem or your own film review.

We want your opinions, your artwork and pics,
Whether it makes us laugh or feel a bit sick.
Enrollment is free, costs no more than time.
Tell all your friends, spread the word down the line.

Show us your spirit, don your black and red.
Or shop at our store so our staff can be fed.
Dress like a monster and send us your pics.
We want more and more, we are greedy for clicks.

The Horror Academy, the loud and the proud!
So enroll today and join the horror fan crowd.
--Miss Paige

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