L.B.'s "Required" Viewing

I Am Legend 2007 remake:

L.B. Thrillkill:  As I went to the Carmike Theater Miss Paige and I went to see yet another remake.  Let me say I was floored!  Will Smith's performance in this movie was awesome.  He has proven himself in the past, but this was still a surprise.  This was a great film with a new twist.  Thanks Will.

Miss Paige:  I have always been a big fan of Will Smith's work. He has a true knack for making the viewer really feel the emotions he is portraying.  This was no exception.  I found this a truly heartwrenching and well done remake.  A little slow at points, but certainly worth the trip.  Thanks again Will for a job well done!

I Am Legend:  HA! HA! HA! HA! For a remake!


Zombies, Zombies Zombies...

One thing you have to know about your Principal...

"I LOVE ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!"

So you have to see these:

Night of the Living Dead: 1968 / Black & White Romero Classic

Starring Duane Jones (Ben) & Judith ODay (Barbara).

This movie coined the phrase "Their coming to get you Barbara!"  This movie also has a cult following.  The Living Dead Heads! It gave us the rules on how to kill a zombie.  This claustrophobic film takes you to the brink of madness.  Do you think you could survive!?!  Also check out the 1989 remake directed by Tom Savini the king of splatter himself.

Dawn of the Dead:  1978 written & directed by Romero (of course!)

Starring David Emge, Ken Foree,  & Scott H. Reiniger

This movie has some of the sickest special effects known to man.  You see how the radiation has caused panic & chaos throughout the USA.  This adventure has everything.  It coined the phrase "If there's no more room in hell: the dead will walk the earth."  Gore, Gore, & more.  So see it! There is a very well remake that came out in 2004.  This was directed by Zach Snyder.  This one had carnage on a global scale!  If you have time see this one.

Day of the Dead: 1985 Directed by George Romero

Starring: Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, and Joe Pilato

This installment shows you what the government officials would do, or whats left.  What would you be like in a dark dank hole?  The insanity ensues.  This movie shows the decay of the zombies & the minds of Tom S. and his crew.  Some of these special effects will literally make you gag.  So, watch this one with a barf bag.

NOTE: There is not a remake....but there should be.

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